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Ryes of the Robots

Small Batch Straight Rye Whiskey


Moonlight Mayhem!

Small Batch Straight Bourbon


Moonlight Mayhem! Extended Cut

Small Batch Cask Strength Bourbon


Press & Reviews

“Film nerds and whiskey nerds are both extremely opinionated about subjects that are ultimately entirely subjective and based on personal taste. So it kind of makes sense to bring the two worlds together, as Filmland Spirits has done with a trio of retro B-movie-inspired bottles.”
“Somebody send Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez a couple of bottles stat, because this seems like a whiskey aesthetic they would appreciate.”
“The Filmland whiskeys have already received glowing reviews, with each of them earning medals at this year’s San Francisco World’s Spirits Competition, with two of them—the rye and cask-strength bourbon—taking home gold.”
"When it comes to whiskeys and other spirits, it can start to feel like every idea has already been done…But modeling expressions after B movies and creating associated storyboards, scripts, and trailers—that's a new one."
"I've seen movie-themed whiskies before...but Filmland is going the extra step of crafting entire narratives around each whiskey, with character details and trailers available on their website.”
"If you aren’t already sure how important ethos is when constructing a quality spirit from the ground up, then just take a look at the awards Filmland’s whiskeys have racked up already…"
“Who doesn’t love to sip their drinks with a good movie? Although you can’t exactly bring booze inside the theater, we can enjoy films and TV shows at home.”
“Filmland Spirits is a brand new whiskey house dedicated to bringing together Hollywood imagery and fine American whiskeys. The result is this fun collection of whiskeys that would indeed look cool on any back bar.”
“Having tasted this whiskey and having talked to you about the brand and having seen the passion that you’ve put into this, I think Brad and I would both say ‘that'll do’ to both of you as well.”
“‘A Blockbuster in Every Bottle’: This Brand-New Spirits Company is Making American Whiskey Accompanied By Movie Scripts”

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